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Glass City Apparel Buyer's Guide

Anyone who has ever purchased a t-shirt knows that there are plenty of options. And as wonderful as options can be, sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. With that in mind we've created this buyers guide to ensure that our customers can efficiently find exactly what they're looking for when choosing an apparel options.

Adult Apparel

Please note that for the purpose of this guide ďadultĒ refers to menís sizes. When ordering adult sizes for women select one size lower than what would normally be worn.

Adult T-Shirts

Adult T-Shirt
Adult 50/50 Poly Cotton Blend T-Shirt #29
Adult 100% Cotton T-Shirt #188

Adult Polo Shirts

Adult Polo Shirt
Adult 50/50 Poly Cotton Blend Polo # 437
Adult 100% Cotton Polo Shirt #J100

Youth Apparel

Youth T-Shirts

Youth T-Shirt
Youth 50/50 Poly Cotton Blend T-Shirt #29B
Youth 100% Cotton T-Shirt #2000B

Youth Polo Shirts

Youth Polo Shirt
Youth 50/50 Cotton Poly Blend Polo #437Y

Team Apparel


Henley Jersey
Adult/Youth Two Button Henley Jersey

Six Button Baseball Jersey
Adult Full Button Baseball Jersey

***For information on hats, helmets, pants, and other baseball accessories please call us at 419-246-5000.***


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Dazzle Shooting Shirt
Micro Mesh Reversible Jersey


Reversible Soccer Jersey

General Sportswear

Crewneck Sweatshirt
Crewneck Sweat Shirt #562
Heavy Weight Crewneck Sweat Shirt #4662

Hooded Sweat Shirt
Pullover Hooded Sweat Shirt
Adult Pullover Hooded Sweat Shirt #4997M

Sweat Pants
Adult Sweat Pants with Side Pockets #4999M

Imprintable Bags and Accessories

Marina Tote
Marina Tote # 630

Promotional Tote
Promotional Tote #800
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Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at 419-246-5000! Or browse our full catalog here.

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